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Lions In Service

This page is to provide information on the service projects that our clubs can become engaged in.

Service Focus Areas


We serve to improve human flourishing. We see how the global hunger and nutrition crisis bears upon our local communities, and believe true community improvement depends on the thriving of its members.


Ever since Helen Keller inspired us to champion the cause in 1925, we’ve served and advocated for the blind and visually impaired. Nearly a century later, this long-standing mission continues unhindered.


We serve to protect our environment and work to promote a better and more sustainable world.



Lions with the support of our foundation (LCIF) are working to reduce the prevalence of diabetes and help improve the lives of those living with diabetes.

Pediatric Cancer

We are working with our foundation (LCIF) to provide support for the needs of children and families affected by childhood cancer through impactful service activities


Young people are a dynamic force for good. We’re  committed  to sustaining our impact devoting ourselves to serving youth as beneficiaries, youth as partners, and empowering youth as service leaders.

MD 24 Service Project for 2023-2024

For questions contact

District 24 C Service Chairperson 2nd VDG Lion Judy Alford


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