MD-24 C Leadership 2021-2022

Cabinet Members

eric mills_edited.jpg

District Governor Eric Mills

MD 24 C District Governor

Lion Eric Mills joined the Vinton Breakfast Lions Club in 1986. Since that time he has served as Club President for four terms.  
Lion Eric received the Melvin Jones Fellowship Award in February, 2008.
He was awarded Lion of the Year Award from his Club for 2009-2010.
He has received three MD-24 Virginia Council of Governors Distinguished Service Award for 3 years.
Lion Eric attended the MD-24 Regional Lions Leadership Institute in 2011.
He served as Zone Chair (Region II, Zone I) for eight years and served as Region Chair in Region II for 2018-2019.
Lion Eric served as 2nd Vice District Governor of  D24-C for 2019-2020.
Lion Eric served as 1st Vice District Governor of  D24-C for 2020-2021.
Lion Eric is currently serving as District Governor for 2021-2022.
Lion Eric is also currently serving as Vice Council Chairperson for 2021-2022.
Lion Eric is currently serving on the District 24-C Charity Corp. Board of  Directors.
Lion Eric is also serving on the Global Membership Approach Initiative.
Lion Eric serves as an alternate on the Board of Directors of both the Dr. E.G. Gill Blue Ridge Lions Sight Foundation, Inc., and the Virginia Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center.
Lion Eric is also a Certified Guiding Lion.   
Lion Eric served on the Roanoke City Police Department for over 25 Yrs. and retired as a Sergeant in September, 2003. He has been employed as an Investigator with the Bedford Public Defender’s Office since September, 2011.
Lion Eric has been married to his wife Patti for 37 years and has two sons, Ryan & Blaine, two daughter-in-laws, Tarah & Taylor, and two grand-children, Hadley and Griffin.

Connie Saunders.jpg

1st  VDG Connie Saunders

First Vice District Governor

Bluefield Lions Club

DG Jean Cook.png

2nd VDG/IPDG Jean Cook

Second Vice District Governor

Wytheville Lions Club

joel lytton.jpg

Secretary Lion Joel Lytton

Cabinet Secretary

Vinton Breakfast Lions Club


Treasurer PDG Jim Newman

Cabinet Treasurer, Budget Commmittee Chair, Pin Trader Chair, President LOVF, and Director of Lions Eyeglass Recyling Center

Cave Spring District Lions Club


PDG John Seaborn

GMA Champion

Bristol Evening Lions Club

PCC Marty Alford.png

GLT PCC Marty Alford

MD-24 GLT Coordinator, GLT-D MD 24 C, Leader/Service Dog Chair, Technology Chair, Newsletter Editor

Dublin Lions Club

DG Jean Cook.png

IPDG Jean Cook

Global Membership Team  District Chair

Wytheville Lions Club

Tammie Brightwell.png

GST Lion Tammie Brightwell

State Secretary/Treasurer, Global Service Team-MD-24C, Awards Committe Chair, and International Convention Committee Chair.

Edgewood Lions Club

jim dalton.jpg

Lion Jim Dalton

Region I Chairperson

Roanoke Valley Breakfast Lions Club


Lion Andre Peery

Zone Chairperson

Region I Zone 1

Scott Johnston.jpg

Lion Scott Johnston

Zone Chairperson

Region i Zone 2

PDG Ray Templin_edited.jpg

PDG Lion Ray Templin

Zone Chairperson

Region 1 Zone 3

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Judy Alford.jpg

Lion Judy Alford

Region II Chair

Dublin Lions Club

Chris McCarty 1.JPG

Lion Chris McCarty

Zone Chairperson

Region II Zone 1

Judy Alford.jpg

Lion Judy Alford

Region II Zone II Chairperson

Dublin Lions Club

Sherri Nipper-Williams.jpg

Lion Sherri Nipper-Williams

Zone Chairperson

Region II Zone 3

Roger Ramey2.jpg

PDG Roger M. Ramey

Region III Chairperson

Appalachia Lions Club


Lion Nancy Britton

Zone Chairperson

Region III Zone 1

Charlene Shortt.jpg

Lion Charlene Shortt

Zone Chairperson

Region III Zone 2

Mandy Barrett.jpg

Lion Mandy Barrett

Zone Chairperson

Region III Zone 3

ken little.jpg

Lion Ken Little

Region IV Chairperson

Rural Retreat Lions Club


Lion Nelson Teed

Zone Chairperson

Region IV Zone 1


Lion Gary DeNardo

Zone Chairperson

Region IV Zone 2

Bill Webb.jpg

Lion Bill Webb

Zone Chairperson

Region IV Zone 3

PID Richard Chaffin.jpg

PID Richard Chaffin

Constitution and By-Laws Chair

Forest Lions Club

PCC Clark .jpg

PCC Clark Vandergrift

MD 24 C Directory

Edgewood Lions Club

PID Richard Chaffin.jpg

PID Richard P Chaffin

MD 24 C Parlimentarian and MD 24 C International Laison

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PDG Lowell Skelton.jpg

PDG Lowell Skelton

Lions Quest Chairperson

Daleville Fincastle Lions Club

Lion Debbie Farthing Chaffin.jpg

Lion Debbie Chaffin

LOVF MD 24 C Co Chair

Forest LIons Club

DG Jean Cook.png

PDG Jean Cook

Lions of Virginia MD 24 C Co Chair

Wytheville Lions Club